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Advantageous Features Of Wood Crusher

1, Wood crusher design is simple and reasonable, easy to operate, small footprint, suitable for mobile operations, saving time and effort.

2, The main parts of the wood crusher use wear-resistant materials after special treatment of technical personnel, continuous production, durable.

3, Can choose according to user needs belt conveyor device, automatic feeding level is high, and the material can now be squeezed by the magnetic roller, and then into the crushing chamber crushing.

4, Low maintenance costs: small power; knives with a double-sided blade, also can be repeatedly ground, enhanced service life.

5, Wood crusher suitable for mobile operations, this equipment we can produce according to the customer’s specified requirements for field mobility operations of diesel mobile wood shredder.

6, The wood crusher shell is to be milled, processing parts in the bearing housing here, the purpose is to let the machine on both sides of the bearing housing in the horizontal plane, also conducive to the protection of the large shaft, etc.

7, The inner shell of the wood crusher are wear-resistant liner, the liner that can effectively protect the shell but is also conducive to the crushing of materials.