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Application Of Large Branch Grinder

Although there are motor branches, diesel engines, as the name implies, there are also fixed, mobile branch shredders,

Depending on the demand, some customers will just have a fixed style,

Stack the material branches next to the device and turn it on to work, but in some places it is different.

For example, some factories will also use some electrical equipment as power,

But after the equipment is used up, it needs to be put into the workshop for rain protection, maintenance, and other measures, so it needs to have a short movement,

There is also the mobile diesel engine because the vibration of the diesel engine is relatively large, so the mobile chassis needs to be changed, and after the change, it can also be mobile, or hand pushes mobile.

Normally, small branch shredders have four wheels, two small universal wheels at the front and two large tires at the back for easy movement,

However, large branch shredders generally have only two wheels, and due to the size of the equipment itself, there is also a problem.

If you put steering tires on the front, it’s too wide, it’s also not easy to move, it’s usually two wheels, two legs, that kind of pattern,

In the case of moving, the outrigger is removed, in the case of working, the outrigger is added, now you understand the mobile branch crusher, movable branch crusher is what kind of specific?

As for the price, it depends on the size of the material you need to crush and the output.

Different models, output, inlet size, model, and configuration are not the same.