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Can a Wood Chipper Crush Wet Wood?

Now the wood chipper industry is very popular, especially for many rural friends, who have a lot of wood, plus the surrounding wood is more convenient, and they want to put into this industry.

But friends have their own doubts, whether the grinder can only crush dry wood, or wet wood to crush the chance have what effect?

In fact, a wood crusher is the best to crush dry wood naturally, which is not only convenient to crush, but also very silky.

But wet wood is also ok, but it has requirements on the humidity of wet wood. If the wood with higher humidity is exposed to more sun and then crushed, it will have a better effect.

After all, a wood chipper‘s blade may be sharp, but it can’t stand the long erosion of wet wood.

If wood humidity is high, it is easy to plug the mesh aperture, resulting in poor discharge.

Crushing wet wood for a long time is also easy to accelerate the wear and tear of the internal parts of the crusher and even rust.

Therefore, the humidity of wood must not exceed 40 percent, so that not only will not affect the output but also will not affect the service life of the wood mill.