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Edible Fungus Crusher

Edible mushroom crusher is widely used in the raw material production of Lentinus edodes and various edible mushroom mediums.

Equipment can be selected according to user needs, motor or diesel engine also can be customized mobile traction type, so that the machine works more conveniently, with the characteristics of flow operation.

The edible fungus crusher adopts blade cutting, high-speed airflow impact, impact double crushing function in one, and can complete the micro material sorting process at the same time.

In the cutting and grinding process of the blade, the rotor produces high-speed airflow, which rotates with the direction of the blade and accelerates the material in the airflow.

And repeated impact makes the material double crushing at the same time, accelerating the crushing rate of the material.

Customers choose different models according to different materials.

The working principle of this machine is the same as that of a wood mill, which adopts a double crushing effect,

A blade is cut into small pieces of wood, then a hammer is used for the next step of crushing,

The crushed material needs to be filtered outside the sun and discharged in the opposite direction.

Therefore, an induced draft fan is installed on the rotating shaft, the wind is guided in the outlet, and the material is sent out by the wind to complete the whole material crushing process.

Edible fungus crushers can process all kinds of wood, wood scraps, branches and forks, wood chips, board edge materials, bark, bamboo, bamboo skin, and other raw materials into sawdust, used as the medium of edible fungi.

It has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefit, convenient maintenance, and so on.

After crushing the square wood, uniform specifications, adjustable thickness, and other advantages.

The whole equipment is simple in structure, compact in layout, cheap in price, stable in work, low in energy consumption, high in output, good in quality of finished square wood chips, and low in processing cost.