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Factors Affecting The Output Of Sawdust Pellet Machine

For the same sawdust pellet machine, when many customers bring materials to the manufacturer to test the machine, the output is very high, but if they are bought back for production, the output will be too low; why does the output vary? The following will introduce the factors that affect the output of the sawdust pellet machine:

1. The grinding of the new mold of the sawdust pellet machine is very important. The new mold has a certain running-in period and needs to be ground with oil. In general, the moisture content of sawdust chips should be controlled between 10-15%. Adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the mold to make it in a good state. After adjusting the pressure roller, the fixing bolts must be tightened.

2. The size and moisture content of the material. The size of the material that the sawdust pellet machine can achieve uniform discharge must be smaller than the diameter of the particle, the diameter of the particle is 6-8 mm, the size of the material should be smaller than it, and the moisture of the raw material must be between 10-15%, too much or too little moisture will affect particle yield.

3. Select the appropriate compression ratio of the sawdust pellet machine mold. Different materials correspond to the compression ratio of different molds. The compression ratio can be determined when the manufacturer is testing the machine. The key problem is not easily replacing the material after buying the equipment. If the material is replaced, the compression ratio will change, and the corresponding mold will need to be replaced.

4. The output of the sawdust pellet machine sometimes comes out, and sometimes it does not. It may be related to the aging degree of the sawdust pellet machine mold. It is necessary to replace the appropriate mold in time. The output of the model is different, and the life of the mold is also different.