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Flat Die Pellet Machine Manufacturer

This article will introduce flat die pellet machine in detail.

flat die pellet machine is mainly used for coarse fiber granulator, the pressure wheel is conical,

using screw center pressure regulating mechanism, mold clearance is large, small, suitable for different materials, to ensure the effect of pressing.

Introduction of flat die granulator:

Flat mold wood pellet machine is suitable for wood pellet factories, feed factories, organic fertilizer factories,

Chinese herbal medicine, the chemical industry, and other industries suppress the use of particles.  

Its raw materials can be straw, sawdust, poplar, straw, peanut shell, cottonseed shell, etc., and can be used with a variety of powder materials.

Economic benefits of flat die granulator:

1.  Human resource conservation.   A set of equipment from production to packaging only 2 people, two sets of equipment only 3 people, 3-4 sets of equipment only 4 people, low labor intensity.

2.  Optimize the production environment.   The internal design of the equipment increases the dust removal system, low noise, smokeless, sewage discharge.

3, high operation efficiency.   Low mechanical wear, simple operation, convenient maintenance, non-stop maintenance;

4, widely used.   Small footprint, both urban and rural can apply.

Not only can all kinds of agricultural and forestry wastes be processed into biomass pellet fuel, but also can be sewage treatment plant sludge,

tobacco factory smoke residue, pharmaceutical residue, vinegar factory vinegar residue, sugar factory residue, etc., as long as the factory, can be processed into biomass pellet fuel.

Guangzhou Xinde machinery is a professional flat mold wood pellet machine manufacturer,

in order to meet customer requirements, we not only provide a complete set of wood pellet production lines but also provide a single chip pellet manufacturing process.