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How To Adjust The Fineness Of Wood Shredder

More and more people use wood shredders, so the adjustment of the fineness of wood shredders is a very important issue. Adjusting the pulverization fineness of the wood pulverizer is beneficial to achieve the ideal state of the pulverized raw materials, so as to be better put into production in different fields.

First of all, the unit of fineness is “mesh”, and the “mesh” of the wood shredder is between 30-500. We can adjust the fineness of the wood shredder within this range. The specific adjustment method is as follows:

1. Control the fineness by adjusting the regulator of the fan: the air volume is inversely proportional to the fineness. When the air volume is too small, powdery substances are easily ejected from the return nozzle of the wood shredder. Therefore, the fineness of the material can be controlled by adjusting the air volume ;

2. The fineness of the material can also be controlled by adjusting the fineness analyzer: after the bolts on the fineness analyzer are loosened, the upward adjustment can increase the fineness, and the downward adjustment can make the fineness decrease, and the bolts can be fixed after adjustment. Therefore, adjusting the fineness analyzer can also control the material size.