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How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Sawdust Pellet Machine

There are many problems with unbalanced output in the sawdust pellet machine process. It seems that it does not affect the production plan. In fact, there is a tremendous potential crisis. There are specific reasons for the low output of the sawdust pellet machine.

1. During operation, pay attention to whether there are sundries on the sawdust pellet machine. When testing the machine, see if it is reversed, and put in less material to try to see if the processed finished product meets the standard.

2. The feeding of the sawdust pellet machine should be uniform. If there is noise, the excessive temperature of the bearing and the machine body, or material spraying outward, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.

3. Before starting and shutting down the sawdust pellet machine, check the circuit to avoid leakage.

4. After 300 hours of operation of the sawdust pellet machine, the bearing must be cleaned and the oil must be replaced; when the oil is installed, it is better to take 1/3 of the full bearing seat gap, and the maximum should not exceed 1/2.

5. When the sawdust pellet machine is shut down for a long time, the transmission belt should be removed.

6. The sawdust pellet machine stops feeding before shutting down. After the material in the standby is removed, cut off the power and shut down. Cleaning and maintenance should be carried out after shutdown.