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Introduction Of Composition And Application Range Of Wood Pulverizer

Wood mill is specially used for all kinds of branches, branches, trunks, leaves, wood blocks, boards, wood chips, scraps, scraps, board edge material,

Waste wood, waste wood, waste wood furniture, wooden pallets, wooden supports, bamboo, corn cobs, corn stalks, straw and other waste,

A mechanical equipment for one-time crushing processing, through electricity transmission to the wood mill internal cutter plate crushing required force,

Then by the cutter head high-speed operation to drive the blade to continue to the grinding chamber of raw materials impact, grinding, cutting and other forces,

We pulverize these materials into the materials we need, and then we can reuse them.

The whole machine is made of thick steel plate welding, with very high stability and wear resistance, 
The machine is composed of casing, lining plate, rotating shaft, rotor, bearing, blade, cutter head, pulley, motor and other components. 
Because of the compact design of the machine, the floor area is very small, and through continuous improvement and innovation, 
Make it with low energy consumption, high output, low noise, green environmental protection, low carbon saving, simple operation, convenient maintenance and many other characteristics, 
A single motor is needed to drive the operation, and there are two movable tires on the underside of the device. 
To be able to move around and operate in a variety of environments, 
There is no strict requirements for the surrounding environment, is a very suitable choice of wood crushing equipment

The range of materials crushed by wood shredders is also very wide,

For example, some waste wood commonly used in our daily life can be used for one-time crushing processing,

These crushed materials are also very widely used, such as papermaking, power generation, cushion material, feed, fertilizer, organic mulch,

Sawdust board, particleboard, fiberboard, MDF, Buddhist incense, mosquito coil incense, insulation materials, edible fungi, furniture, tables, chairs and so on.