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How to prolong the working life of a pellet machine

Introduction to pellet machine

Every machine has a certain service life. It depends on the wearing part. 

The wearing parts of the granulator are roller, die (ring die or flat die), bearing, gearbox, etc. 

The service life of the ring die is 800-1200 hours, the service life of the flat die is 600-800 hours,

and the service life of the roller is about 1000 hours. 

The service life of the product not only depends on the quality of the product but also depends on your user habits. 

Proper use and regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the pellet machine.

Add a mixture of oil to the pelletizer

Every time you finish pellet production,

feed oil mixtures (mixed sawdust and used oil) to the pellet machine and let it operate for 1-2 minutes,

then you can shut down the machine.

After this process, the die holes are filled with oil mixture and won’t get blocked by the raw materials. 

With this step, you can start making pellets directly the next time.

It can not only save your time but also prolong the working life of the pellet machine.

But if you don’t use the pellet machine for over 1 month, you’d better take out the oil mixture in the die,

or they would get hardened and not easy to clear up. This is not good for later use.

Clean the components regularly

The pelletizing process will generate a lot of wood dust, but the pellet machine is usually not equipped with a dust protection device.

This requires us to clean the roller, die, the main shaft, and bearing regularly.

Clear up the sawdust in slots, gaps, and screw holes, or they may cause fracture of the components.

If you don’t use the pellet machine for a long time,

I recommend you dispatch the components and clear up the pellets inside the die and the sawdust attached to the mold surface,

in case they become stiff and hard to remove.

Meanwhile, the sawdust will absorb water and accelerate the corrosion of the components.

Lubricate the roller, shafts, and gearbox

Before the first time use, add lubricating oil to the gearbox, shafts, and bearings. 

In daily use, you should lubricate the roller and main shaft every day, and lubricate the gearbox every half year. 

If the roller is short of oil, it will cause damage to the bearing and roller shaft, even break down the pellet machine.

Choose a suitable size of the dieThe hole size of the die is from 2.5-10mm, and the 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm are the most popular.

The size of the die is determined by the raw materials.

If the holes are undersized, the pellet yield will be low and even no pellets coming out.

Meanwhile, they will increase the pressure between the roller and die and shorten the working life of the pellet machine.

So you need to consult the sales to choose a suitable die.

Adjust the clearance between the roller and dieThe roller and die (flat die or ring die) is the core part of the pellet machine.

Their clearance influence the pelletizing effect and the working life. The suitable clearance is between 0.1mm and 0.3mm. 

If the clearance is larger than 0.3mm, the raw material layer will be too thick and reduce the pellet yield.

If the clearance is less than 0.1mm, the abrasion of the roller and die will increase, and influence the working life.

In a flat die pellet machine, there are adjusting nuts on the 2 sides of the machine body.

Tighten them up and screw back for 15°-30°. Keep the two bolts in balanced positions.

Then, you can fasten the lock bolts.

In-ring die pellet machine, make sure the clearance between each side of the roller and the ring die is the same.

In other words, the roller and ring die should in the same axis, in case the eccentric roller cause abrasion to the ring die.

Place the pellet machine in dry places

In order to prevent the feed machine from being damp, we need to place the feed machine in a clean, dry, and ventilated environment.

The metal parts are easy to get rusted under moist conditions, and the electric motor will have shortcuts or electric leakage.

All these will shorten the service life of the pelletizer.