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Portable Large Branch Mill Production Site High efficiency

Portable large branch shredders, also known as mobile branch shredders,

It is a machine for crushing branches. The production site of the machine is highly efficient.

The operation is simple, is the crushing wood machine, is convenient and fast, high yield.

Labor cost saving: the volume of wood can be reduced after grinding, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost.

Direct loading after crushing eliminates the labor cost of repeated loading and unloading.

Fast and efficient.

A portable large branch mill mainly consists of a frame, feeding device, crushing device, power system,

Control system, finished product throwing output device, protective cover, walking traction device, and so on.

Powered by a diesel engine.

A portable large branch grinder can be equipped with different parts according to production needs,

For example, whether to choose motor drive or diesel drive, how much output to choose,

Also according to the requirements of the size of the crushed material,

Replace screen specifications and so on,

A variety of options to fully meet different production needs,

Vehicle mobile wood crushing and crushing integrated machine not only solves the garden, forestry,

The problem of sorting waste in highway tree maintenance, parks, and golf courses,

Portable large branch shredder to prevent all kinds of fire hazards, beautify the environment,

Can be said to kill multiple birds with one stone, branch shredder set slicing, crushing into one,

Whether it’s a ten-centimeter twig or a twenty-centimeter large twig,

Mainly used for processing pine, miscellaneous wood, Yang wood, Chinese fir, bamboo, and other materials.

It can also crush corn straw, wheat straw, rice stalk, sorghum stalk, bark, etc.

At the same time, it has good moisture retention and avoids land exposure.

Reduce dust, efficiency, and environmental protection.