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Knowledge Of Buying Rabbit Feed pelletizer

With the progress and development of aquaculture, whether small or medium-sized farms or large-scale farms, pellet feed is the most important part of the farm. 
Many farmers in the purchase of full-price feed at the same time, but also want to know whether their farms can save costs to make their own feed, so feed processing equipment gradually popular. 

Now many people feed pigs, sheep, chickens, rabbits, and other animals, and these animal feeds are in great demand.
Some people buy feed pellets from pellet manufacturers, but others choose to make their own pellets for their animals.

So, when you decide to buy a Rabbit Feed pelletizer, how much do you know?
Many people do not have enough experience in making feed particles. Different people have different questions about the pellet mechanism for making feed particles. Customers have consulted us about such problems.

1. Do they have any advantages other than diesel or electric? Is diesel lighter? Diesel and electricity have the advantage of being easy to move around. In addition, it is good for areas with electricity shortages or high electricity prices.

2. Are the particles produced small? I mentioned that it is mainly for rabbits. Do you have any customers who use machines to make rabbit pellets? Production of particles can be 2.5-8mm, according to your requirements.

3. Do some of their parts often wear out? I need to order them together with the machine.
The main parts are rollers and molds, which can be used for about 6-8 months under continuous operation.
Generally speaking, the Rabbit Feed pelletizer is divided into two categories, one is the ring mold feed pellet machine, the other is the flat mold feed pellet machine.
Large poultry farms choose to use industrial animal feed pellet machines or powder mechanical equipment, and small and medium-sized farms will choose to use a 500KG animal feed pellet machine or a single feed pellet machine.
In many feed machinery, feed pellet machine has a higher utilization rate.