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Reasons For Poor Discharge Of Wood Pellet Machine

When using a wood pellet machine, you should observe the changes in the equipment during the production process, so as to discover the problems of the equipment in time, and then carry out troubleshooting in time to ensure the stable operation of the machine. If the material is not good, there must be a reason, let’s take a look at what caused it.

1. Poor raw material quality:

Raw materials for wood pellet machining also have some requirements. If the water content in the raw material is too high, it will cause the pellets processed by the wood pellet machine to be more easily broken. And once the water content is too low, it will make it difficult to form a powder. If you want the wood pellet machine to produce good material, the first step is to screen the quality of raw materials.

2. High mold wear:

The raw material of the wood pellet machine should be processed into pellets under the action of the mold. If it is found that the particle size is too large or the shape is irregular, you can first check whether the mold of the wood pellet machine is damaged. If the mold wears too much, we need to replace it in time.

3. Aging of wood pellet machine:

The aging wood pellet machine has declined in all aspects. On the one hand, the granulation force is not enough, resulting in less output and poor quality of the wood pellet machine; on the other hand, due to the damage of various parts of the wood pellet machine, it is more prone to failure, resulting in slightly poor output quality of the wood pellet machine.