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Abnormal Shake Of The Sawdust Granulator 

What is the reason for the jitter of the sawdust granulator?

1. The tail of the spindle is not tightened or not tightened.  
2, spindle tail keyway and driveshaft, driveshaft and safety pin seat keyway clearance, spindle spline, and flower seat clearance are large.  
3. There is a large gap between the safety pin and safety pin sleeve, safety pin sleeve, and safety pin seat hole.  
4. Spindle flange deformation or bearing wear.  
5. The inner hole of the ring die is not round too much  
6, the two pressure roller gap adjustment is not uniform.  
7. The copper or steel sleeve in the safety pin seat of the main shaft tail should be replaced in time because of excessive wear.  

Sawdust granulator solution

1. Check whether the spindle is tightened first, remove the refueling system first, remove the spindle gland, and check whether the butterfly spring is deformed.   
If the butterfly spring becomes flat, it should be replaced with a new butterfly spring (the number and assembly position of the butterfly spring should be the same as before disassembly).   
Then tighten the locking screw of the spindle gland and start the machine to check whether the spindle is shaking.  

2. If it is still shaking, remove the spindle gland, pad the spindle with the copper rod, and remove the spindle with labor assembly or hammer in the direction of the ring mold. Then remove the spindle seal cover, check the sawdust granulator, straw granulator spindle bearing is intact. If the clearance is too large, the bearing should be removed to replace the new bearing, and then install and lock the spindle in turn. 

3, wood granulator and straw granulator spindle in the installation process, we should pay attention to the position of the spindle bearing inner ring to be right, so as to assemble the spindle in place. 
Under normal circumstances, the end faces on both sides of the spindle and the end face of the transmission wheel differ about 10mm. 
If the spline fitting gap is large, keyway fitting gap is large, safety pin fitting gap is large, ring die inner wall is not round, the above parts must be replaced. 
It is recommended to purchase and install spindles from Wynn machinery and then turn on the air machine to check for shaking. 

4. After the spindle of the sawdust granulator and straw granulator is assembled, the gap between the press roller and the ring die should be adjusted correctly. 

The gap can not be large and small, easy to cause the spindle jitter, discharge is not smooth, the current is not stable. Wait for the situation.