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Technical Characteristics Of Wood Shredder

This article introduces the technical characteristics of the wood shredder:

1. The whole set of wood shredders is driven by only one motor, with a simple structure, compact layout, stable operation, low energy consumption, high output, good quality sawdust, and low processing cost.

2. It can be used for wood, dry and wet trees, poplar, eucalyptus, branches, bark, bamboo, scrap, composite formwork, root cuttings, and raw materials for particleboard and sawdust board high-density board.

3. The wood pulverizer is mainly composed of a chip device, a pulverizer device, and a fan, and is especially suitable for processing the branches on the edible fungus culture medium. The wood chips are cut into small particles by the cutting device and can be further pulverized in the pulverizing device without drying in the sun. After pulverization, the finished wood chips are sent to the aggregate by the fan.

4. The feed port of the wood pulverizer adopts self-priming feeding, which replaces the direct feeding of the traditional pulverizer, and the performance is stable. The motor is used to drive the drum to make the pulverizer run at high speed, and at the same time, the generated rotor has a high speed and rotates synchronously with the direction of the blades.