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The Difference Between A Sawdust Pellet Machine And A Feed Pellet Machine

Whether it is a sawdust pellet machine or a feed pellet machine, it is a product that is in great demand in the development of the pellet machine. However, one is dedicated to the production of wood pellets and the other is dedicated to crushing livestock feed, which is used in different industries. Therefore, there are big differences in many aspects. The following describes their differences.

1. Different feeding methods: the mold of the sawdust pellet machine is laid flat, with the mouth facing upward, and directly enters the pelletizing mold from top to bottom. The specific gravity of the sawdust is very light, straight up and down, and the sawdust is rotated and thrown by the pressing wheel after entering. All around, the pellets are evenly pressed, and the mold of the feed pellet machine is placed vertically, from top to bottom.

2. The pressing methods are different: the sawdust pellet machine mainly rotates the pressing wheel, the mold does not move, and the particles will not be smashed twice, while the feed pellet machine uses the mold to rotate, the pressing wheel does not move, rotates at high speed, and the output is high.

3. The operation of the equipment is different: the sawdust pellet machine is a large shaft that is placed vertically, and a large cast steel bearing seat. Its large bearing does not bear any pressure, is not easy to break, and has a long service life. During the pressing process of the feed pellet machine, the pellets are extruded due to extrusion. A high temperature will occur.

4. The structure of the machine is different: the sawdust pellet machine is open upwards, which is easy to dissipate heat. In addition, it is equipped with a set of airbags for dust removal and automatic oiling, while the pelleting chamber of the feed pellet machine is sealed.

When purchasing a sawdust pellet machine and a feed pellet machine, you must pay attention to the difference, because their application fields are completely different, so you need to choose according to specific needs, in order to choose suitable products and improve work efficiency.