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Analysis Of The Causes Of Blockage Of Wood Crusher When Discharging

The wood crusher sometimes has a blockage in the output. The following is a specific analysis of the reasons:

First, check whether the crusher is reversed. The direction of the reverse airflow change will definitely not discharge the material, and it will also cause the motor to overheat and be burned. Therefore, immediately adjust the phase line of the motor to ensure that the wood is crushed. The steering of the machine spindle is accurate.

If the wood crusher is a blockage, there are generally three reasons:

1. The wood crusher feeds too fast, causing the equipment to be a blockage and not material;

2. The material processed by the wood crusher has too much moisture: when the wood crusher pulverizes the material with high moisture content, the pulverized material will be lumpy, which is easy to blockage the screen of the equipment, so we use wood When the pulverizer is operating, it must be ensured that the material is fed at a uniform speed, and the moisture content of the processed material cannot be too high.

3. The parts of the wood crusher are severely worn, such as the wear of the tool and the spindle, so you must pay attention to check when using the equipment, and the parts that need to be replaced should be replaced in time.