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Wood Pellet Machine And Feed Pellet Machine Difference

Wood pellet machine has ring mold and mold, feed pellet machine also has the difference between ring mold and mold.

Wood pellet machine is used to produce biomass fuel pellets from biomass raw materials, and feed pellet machine is used to produce animal/livestock/poultry feed pellets from grain and other formulations.

Flat die granulator

The machines used to produce wood pellets are almost identical, but the flat dies are different. The holes in the flat die are different due to the production of particles of different sizes.

That is to say, for a flat die granulator, the replacement of a flat die can make wood particles and feed particles.

Ring mold granulator 

A horizontal ring mold granulator is used for feed granules. 

The ring mold is different. The ring mold of feed particles is made of stainless steel 4Cr13, and the ring mold of wood particles is made of alloy steel 20CrMnTi. 

The raised pattern on the roller shell is different for making wood pellets and feed pellets because the pressure from the roller to the ring mold is higher for making wood pellets than for making feed pellets.

Different spindle speed

The feeding system is different. 
There is a feeding screw at the top of the pelletizer body, which feeds the raw material into the pelletizer chamber at a speed controlled by VFD. In order to make feed pellets at the top of the pelletizer, there is a quencher, 
to which a boiler is connected while the machine is working, and steam will pass through the quencher along with the mesh material.

Steam is meant to ripen the ingredients so that the final particles are easier for the animals to digest.