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Biomass sawdust pellet machine

With the improvement of our living standards, the living environment is also deteriorating,

protecting the environment has become the main task at present,

so our country put forward the development of a green economy, in order to force the serious polluters to reform.   

Power plants, as the main pollutant emitting enterprises, are the first batch of reform enterprises.  

As coal is the main fuel of thermal power plants, it is imperative to find biomass fuel to replace coal,

and environmental governance is also urgent.   

In recent years, new energy pellet fuel produced by wood pellet machines is the main fuel to replace coal.  

At present, many power plants have been transformed into biomass power generation.

Biomass pellet machine as the main equipment for the production of pellet fuel,

the current sales effect on the market is also very good,

all over the country have the production line of biomass pellet fuel processing.  

Biomass pellet machine is the raw material pressed into the required particles, it is a variety of crop straw, weeds, sawdust,

industrial waste (waste, broken wood, pulp)

food industry waste (lees, furfural residue, vegetable, and fruit residue) as raw materials by crushing,

molding and other processes made of high density, high heat granular fuel.  

Particle fuel combustion has, colorless, tasteless,

long combustion time and other characteristics, and the calorific value after carbonization are 1.5 times of coal,

high purity, high density, clean health, to achieve 0 emissions of air, burning ash belongs to grass ash,

does not contain impurities, rich in organic potassium, is suitable for crop organic fertilizer.  

The results show that the energy of granular fuel is equal to that of medium coal, the combustion power is long-lasting,

the black smoke is less, the furnace temperature is high, and it is very convenient to store, transport and use.  

The use of particulate fuel can effectively improve China’s air pollution, reduce coal use, solve winter heating,

reduce air pollution.  

The transmission efficiency of biomass pellet machine is as high as 98%, improving the hardness of tooth surface,

tooth surface carburizing treatment, carburizing layer depth up to 1.9mm to enhance the wear resistance,

prolonging the service life of parts.  

biomass sawdust pellet machine is now used less, some wood waste companies began to put them into use,

some specialized wood companies are also in use, but the advent of wood pellet machines also let many enterprises see business opportunities.  

Biomass pellet machine application occasions are many,

such as sofa factory, because it is waste a lot of sofa in the production of sawdust,

and then, a lot of useless pieces of wood will be left in the past when we are getting rid of these blocks centralized, also creates a lot of wood waste,

standing in the perspective of protecting the environment to consider our domestic fewer and fewer trees  So saving energy is an important issue now.  

Now the biomass pellet machine can be effectively used,

give full play to the disposal of the remaining waste, and can again generate income.