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Biomass Pellet Equipment Energy “Money” Is To Be Expected

Biomass pellet machine production line “money” way, biomass pellet machine is environmentally friendly new energy equipment,

with the reduction of coal resources, the development of new energy is necessary,

biomass fuel particles to people with real benefits, everyone is afraid to invest, is a way to get rich.  

Biomass pellet machine investment is “money” way bright, biomass pellet machine produced particles can sell about $130 per ton,

the cost of raw materials is basically between $10- $50, so the profit removal cost per ton is about $50.  

Of course, each region is not the same, but also not much difference, and biomass pellet machine raw materials are very wide,

are everywhere raw materials, recycling up the price is also very affordable, particles can also use their own home heating,

with good combustion rate, but also for poultry when feed, digestible nutrition!  Small particles are of great value.

When we put the equipment purchase back to pay attention to two points clear, we each, biomass pellet fuel machine has a screen,

they are filter material, make the material processing purer, regular cleaning filter is to produce high quality,

the main security biomass particles,

particles machine mold is responsible for the diameter of the particle size, promote the shape to the biomass particles,  

Regular cleaning of the particle machine mold is the basis of the normal output of the particle machine,

with the basic guarantee of these two points, our output can be improved, biomass particles can sell at a good price.

not only provides a complete biomass pellet fuel production line but also provides a single machine, to meet customer demand in biomass pellet fuel production.