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Branch Crusher Crushed Waste Branches Into Sawdust, Double Use!

More than a fire! What most people don’t know about the use of waste wood.

Buying scrap metal, plastic bottles, and old appliances as I’m sure many of you know,

Even homes have been sold to recycling vendors, but buying scrap wood branches, you know?

At present, engaged in this line of business compared to the traditional acquisition of old household appliances, plastic bottles or relatively few,

It is also concentrated in rural areas or suburbs.

Many people may be curious about the use of these branches and timber acquisition?

This you don’t know, this waste wood in addition to burning has a great role.

How could the dealer make money by buying these scraps of wood and branches?

This problem of sawdust sales, do not worry about, many places need to use sawdust.

We just need to know who we’re selling to before we start doing business.

Establish a good cooperative relationship with these factories.

This acquisition of branches, broken wood, temporarily can not be used, the need for preliminary processing.

Wood shredders are commonly used. Put the branches, and the wood into the branch grinder,

It automatically produces an endless supply of wood chips, which can then be sold to factories.

1, can be processed into granular plate

Particleboard is a common material because of its low price compared to wood planks,

It is used by many furniture factories and decoration companies.

The production of grain board is made of various branches and buds, small path wood, fast-growing wood,

Wood chips and other chips cut into a certain specification, after drying, with glue,

A hardener, waterproof agent, etc., is a kind of artificial plate made by pressing under a certain temperature and pressure.

The price of broken wood and branches in the countryside is low and the acquisition cost is low.

In many cases, acquisition costs are not as high as shipping costs,

Therefore particleboard manufacturers have a large number of acquisitions.

2, can be used for power generation, paper making

At a time when coal is getting more expensive,

Many power plants have turned to wood chips as the raw material of choice for thermal power generation,

Using wood chips as a source of electricity is not only cheaper but also cleaner,

Is an initiative worth pushing for a long time?

Of course, compared with power generation, wood scraps, branches more use is actually paper.

Wood scraps and branches, including wheat and corn stalks, can be used to make paper.

Wood is a high-quality raw material for papermaking. Due to the shortage of wood resources in China,

Many paper mills also import wood from abroad every year,

And broken wood, sawdust is wood, used to make paper is also appropriate.

3. Lentinus edodes culture and soilless culture substrate

Sawdust also has many applications in agriculture,

The most common is to use wood chips as raw material for mushroom cultivation.

Raw materials can use hardwood chips, some conifer wood chips, shavings, paper chips,

Cottonseed shell, waste cotton, beet residue, straw, corn stalk, corn cob, wheat straw,

Sorghum shell, peanut shell, rice husk, and other materials, according to the formula with culture material.

The preparation of Lentinus edodes nourishment is a very important step in Lentinus edodes cultivation.

In addition, sawdust is also used as a substrate for soilless culture.

Sometimes when we buy a plant with a pot, we find that there is no earth in it.

It’s a black substrate that’s probably made from wood chips,

After special treatment, of course.

Broken wood has a high use value. If you have it in your home, don’t throw it away!