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Where Is The Grain That Scrap Lumber Crushes Bought

Have you ever wondered,

Why there are no special requirements for wood chips sent to pellet or fuel plants,

You can’t have bark, for example, but if you send it to a paper mill,

If logs are not peeled by a wood stripper and then chipped by a large disc chipper,

Paper mills generally do not accept! Because then the paper made by the paper mill will be better!

Even paper mills have requirements on the thickness of wood chips!

In general, if you crush logs and supply them primarily to paper mills,

You may need the following equipment.

The first wood peeling machine.

The wood stripper basically takes the skin off all kinds of logs that are brought back,

The logs are smoother and the slicing is better.

And don’t think that bark is useless,

Peel the bark that comes down can use a bark pulverizer to smash its hind use as organic fertilizer also is feasible!

Second feed conveyor belt.

It simply acts as a link between a large disc chipper and a wood peeling machine!

The third-largest disc chipper.

Of course, some people here will have a drum chipper!

This depends on whether the economy allows it, disc chipper prices will be slightly cheaper!

The fourth discharging conveyor belt.

Some of the people in here could have just loaded up and shipped out.

If more demanding, you can also match a sieve.

The role of the sieve is to achieve the finished product requirements of the direct screening out loading.

Unsuitable finished products are returned to the large wood chipper for a second chipping operation!

In short, the finished product must meet the needs of the paper mill!