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Causes Of Unstable Electric Current Of Sawdust Pellet Machine

1.When the feed weight of the sawdust pellet machine is equal to the output weight, the current is stable.

2. When the input weight is greater than the output weight, that is to say, a part of the material will remain inside the machine, and work will inevitably be performed on this part of the material when the engine is running, which will increase the energy consumption of the device and increase the current. When the feeding amount is too small, although the wind is stable, the production capacity is reduced and the energy consumption is wasted. Therefore, the uniform feeding amount of the sawdust pellet machine is the key to our control.

3. The distributing knife is severely worn, which leads to uneven distribution; if the distribution is uneven, it will cause uneven feeding of the pressing stick, which will also cause the current to fluctuate.

4. The raw material contains hard impurities, such as iron or stone. Because when the pressing bar rotates to the position of the stone or iron block, the extrusion force of the sawdust pellet machine increases sharply, causing the current to suddenly increase, so the current will drop at this position.