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Disassembly Sequence Of Sawdust Pellet Machine

Sawdust pellet machine is a new type of environmentally friendly energy equipment because the future economic development trend will revolve around low-carbon environmental protection. After all, only the environmental protection economy can develop and grow for a long time, and the sawdust pellet machine is to save energy and reduce the environment. It was born from pollution, but we have to disassemble it when we encounter unavoidable situations in use. The following describes the disassembly sequence of the sawdust pellet machine:

1. When the sawdust pellet machine is in production, if the operator finds that the current of the main machine is too large and the temperature of the pelletizing bin is too high, they should check whether the gap between the pressing rollers changes and whether the gap between the pressing roller and the ring die increases. If any abnormality is found, the maintenance work should be informed to adjust the gap between the rollers, or the gap between the roller and the ring die.

2. When disassembling the sawdust pellet machine, make preparations for assembly. In order to improve assembly efficiency and ensure the correctness of assembly, attention should be paid to checking and marking when disassembling.

3. Before disassembling the sawdust pellet machine, the soil and oil on the surface should be removed, and it should be kept clean during the disassembly process.

4. Disassemble as needed, try to disassemble as little as possible, and do not disassemble if disassembly is not allowed.

5. Use suitable tools when disassembling the sawdust pellet machine to avoid damage or deformation of the parts.

6. Carefully check the removed parts of the pressure roller, find the parts that cannot be used, and replace them in time.

7. Use diesel oil to clean the removed parts, wipe them with a cotton cloth, and put them on a clean plastic bag or another clean flat object for use.

8. On the dismantling device, press the outer ring of the bearing into the fixed position in the pressure roller shell, then put the inner ring of the bearing in, add high temperature resistant lubricating grease, and install the other bearing in the same way.

9. Install the high-temperature resistant oil seal and circlip; assemble the anti-ash cover.

10. Adjust the gap between the pressing rollers. When the gap is considered appropriate and the operation is flexible, fix the pressing nut and fix the circlip blade to fix the gap between the pressing rollers.

Before we disassemble the sawdust pellet machine, we also need to have a detailed understanding of the instructions and principles of the equipment, because it is very important to master the correct disassembly sequence of the equipment, so as to avoid random disassembly. , causing various types of mechanical failures.