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Commercial Wood Chipper

Commercial wood chipper can recycle a large amount of wood waste.

A wood mill is an ideal machine for producing wood chips and edible fungus. 
A large log crusher can process wood, branches, forks, and other raw materials into sawdust at one time. 
Commercial log shredding machine has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, convenient maintenance, and so on.

Application of log crusher

In many forest areas or wood processing plants, 
a large number of branches and wood and waste products left after cutting or processing trees are often not properly used, piled up in the forest, or burned as waste. 
This method is a huge waste of energy.

If these forest wastes and residues can be broken through the commercial wood chipper, and then through the molding equipment for pressing block processing, can greatly reduce the area of wood waste.  
The pulverized wood chips can be further processed into fuel to achieve efficient use of renewable energy. 

Why did the Korean customer buy a large log breaker?

The Korean client owns a large forest farm. The farm produces a large amount of wood waste, such as branches and deadwood, every year. 
The client built a small power plant in the area a year ago and needed a large fuel supply. 
Therefore, he decided to develop his own forest resources in order to earn a considerable income.

Korean customers have learned that the only fuel needed for power plants is usually fine wood chips or wood pellets. 
So he needed to buy a wood crusher to crush the wood on his farm and sell the chips like a power plant.

After communication, the Korean customer said that a log crusher with greater processing capacity was needed, and the size of wood chips after processing was about 1cm. 
According to the customer’s demand, we recommend an xD-1000 wood shredding machine to him.

The output is between 2T/H-4T /h, and the average output is about 3t/h. 
The shredding machine processing wood chip size is 1.4cm, to meet customer needs. 
The Korean customer was very satisfied with our proposal and paid quickly.