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Bamboo And Wood Chipper

Bamboo and wood crusher equipment, also called bamboo chipper, is a machine that cuts bamboo into wood chips. 
Wood chips can be used in papermaking and other fields to promote the recycling of wood. Bamboo and wood crusher equipment, 
also called wood slicer, is the production of wood chips, belonging to the wood processing equipment series.

Bamboo and wood shredder equipment is widely used in textile, paper, pulp, wood-based panels, and other industries in the production process of material preparation. 
The main cutting materials of this machine are peeling small path wood,   
bamboo wood, board wood, poplar, cypress, tung, eucalyptus, elmwood, etc.  
Our company produces bamboo and wood crusher series of equipment is the production of wood chip equipment,  
Bamboo and wood crusher equipment is also called wood slicer, belonging to the wood processing equipment series. 

bamboo and wood chipper equipment can cut bamboo, branches, waste paper, waste material is suitable for the pulp mill, forest farm, paper mill, wood chip factory, etc.

Bamboo crusher equipment is mainly composed of host, coupling, bottom frame, and other four parts.

The main machine of the bamboo crusher is composed of cutter head, upper and lower cover shell, feed port and discharge port, etc.

In order to adapt to the different requirements of wood chip length in papermaking, 
fiberboard and particleboard industries, the length of the wood chip can be adjusted within the range.