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Corn Feed Pellet Machine Running In Process

Corn feed pellet machine running in steps:

1. Running-in of the new machine Take 10-20 kg of mixed powder feed, add 5%-10 edible oil to mix, rub the oil block, add feed first,

start the machine with a wrench to adjust the bolts of the press roller, until the normal discharge. After the feed with oil is repeated 3-5 times in the machine,

the dry material is gradually added (the feed with oil can not be used to feed rabbits after extrusion. There is no need to run in the new machine after one run-in. 

2. Adjust the length of feed. Adjust the length of particles by adjusting the cutter at the edge of the outlet. 

3, corn feed pellet machine processed particles should be placed in a well-ventilated place at a relatively high temperature, cooled to room temperature can be stored bags.

4. Matters needing attention of pellet machine:

1, the new machine used for the first time, must run in or can not be used normally.

2, KL120 lighting power supply, power cord with no less than 4 square meters of copper wire, instrument use 5-10A.

3, When the corn feed pellet machine is working, do not put your hand into the feeding mouth, if necessary, you can use a stick to help feed.

4. Before starting the machine, add less material before starting it. Shut down the machine to leave a little feed, to prevent the machine roller and template contact from idling.

5. If the machine is stuck, stop the machine immediately, press the roller until the bolt is loose, and then restart the machine.

6. After each work, the bolts of the adjusting roller must be loosened.

7, the machine uses a certain amount of time or pressure out of a certain number of particles, if the produced particles into fragments or particles are not solid, should be turned over the grinder to the following mixed feed add 2%-4% water.

8, often check the belt tightness, to prevent low machine output, belt slip, etc.

9, the particle machine in the first use of low load works for about 40 hours and then replaces the gear oil in the gearbox. After 100 hours of regular replacement, all bearings should be regularly filled with lubricating grease.

10. It is normal for the particle machine to work continuously and the motor to heat up to 70 degrees.