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Feed Pellet Machine Operation Principle

Feed pellet machine operation principle is corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk,

and other crushing materials directly suppress grain feed pellet processing machinery.  

Granular feed machine nutrition loss is minimal, the machine processing particles surface smooth, moderate hardness, internal ripening degree deep. 

And can kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, made by special technology,

is flat mill type in the same machine is the only dry in dry out of a small machine,

in the processing of granular feed can be added to various additives and drugs, and ensure the quality of feed.  

Feed pellet machine operation principle due to dry into, dry out, the moisture content is less than 12%, easy to seal storage.  

The friction temperature between the dynamic pressure roller and the template transmitted by the driving pulley to the spindle and the die wheel brush is higher than 80℃,

is based on mechanical circular motion, pasting condensation powder through high temperature,

under the extrusion of the press pulley, squeezed, from the flat die after a knife block,

finally out rolling blanking granule feedstuff, motor and diesel engine as power,  Pellet feed can be packaged after natural cooling.