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Diesel Feed Pellet Machine

This article will introduce the diesel feed pellet machine in detail.

This machine mainly adopts diesel engine design, on this basis, the circulation runs.

On the basis of a diesel engine driving spindle pulley directly, a gearbox is added through research and design to make the machine more durable.

The problem of three-phase power with diesel engines has been solved in some areas.

Diesel version feed pellet machine introduction

In the past, feed is generally processed into powder feeding, there is inconvenient feeding,

Poor palatability, livestock picky, low utilization.

With the emergence and popularity of new feed granulators, it is now convenient to process powdered feed into pellet feed.

The diesel flat dies shot feeder can use the diesel engine as the power to extrude particles from the die head hole in the press roll.

The particle length can be easily adjusted, with a simple structure, small footprint, convenient operation, and low noise.

Working principle of diesel feed granulator 

Feed pelletizer mainly adopts diesel engine design, and on this basis for circulation.

Spindle and formwork adopt gear drive, friction roller temperature can reach 70~80℃.

High-quality molded particles are rolled out of the outlet through holes in the formwork under a pressure roller at high temperatures.

Meanwhile, the length of the knife can be set according to the position of the knife.

Advantages of diesel flat die shot feeder

1. Diesel flat die shot feeder adopts shaft drive granulation, adopts high-tech technology, the machine does not need to add water granulation, belongs to the dry out of the dry kind.

2. It also plays a sterilization role in the process of operation. High temperatures can kill microorganisms without affecting the quality of feed particles.

3, the template and pressure wheel adopts high alloy wear-resistant material, with long service life, reasonable structure, durability, and other characteristics.