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How To Choose Feed Pelleting Raw Material

This article will introduce the scientific selection of feed pelleting raw materials in detail.

feed pelleting materials refer to the feed derived from animals, plants, microorganisms, or minerals during feed processing. 

Feed pellet component

Feed materials include grain raw materials, soybeans, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acid, chowder, additives, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, cereals, and other varieties.

Observe shape, color, mold, insect, caking, foreign matter, etc. 

Adulterated feed is generally pulverized fine, does not show the composition, the color is darker or lighter.  

Sometimes mixed with a lot of sand or a lot of cheap feed, such as batch shellfish content up to 20%. 

But often due to high water content, resulting in deliquescence, mildew, moth-eaten, agglutination. 

If appear above – mentioned phenomenon, it is inferior feed commonly. 
There are many kinds of raw materials for animal feed pellets, and the sources of feed are different. 

Different kinds of feed materials have different nutritional values. The nutritional value of the same feed material is different

because the quality is different, even the same feed material, the quality, and nutritional value are different.  
Prices vary during the period. According to experience, the price of some feed raw materials is often qualitative and difficult to quantify.  

According to the price of nutrients, you can choose the low price and good quality feed raw materials. 
Digestible energy and crude protein in the feed are the two most important nutritional indexes, and most raw materials also contain these two nutrients.  

It is a simple and effective method to select raw materials according to the price of feed nutrients.

Choose the right feed pellet machine

Selecting the right feed pellet machine and using it correctly will significantly improve the quality of animal feed pellets.

It will soon show up in the production process. 

If we can further master the technology of making feed pellets, we can greatly reduce the cost of materials and thus increase profits.