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Does The Size Of Wood Shredder Processing Waste Wood Matter

We often see a lot of waste wood in our daily life,

After being processed by the wood mill, it is reasonably recycled.

Because this can not only save wood resources but also achieve the use effect of waste utilization,

But the wood crusher equipment has corresponding sizes in the inlet,

So a lot of users have this question,

That is, does the volume of waste wood processed by the wood mill itself have an impact on the use effect?

In fact, according to the different types and sizes of wood crusher equipment,

They can pulverize processed waste wood and vary greatly in size,

For example, some waste wood that is too coarse and hard can not be processed by small wood mill equipment.

Because it is easy to cause accelerated wear of the clamping mechanism and parts of the wood crusher,

At the same time, it also has a great influence on the overall service life of the wood crusher.

And some of the smaller and less rigid waste wood,

Is more suitable for processing with the small wood mill,

If you choose to use a large wood mill, although it can be easily crushed, it will cause the problem of overcapacity.

So our wood crusher manufacturers are generally based on different models and sizes, to plan a reasonable feed port for the equipment,

This actually limits the feed size of the wood mill to some extent,

So when we buy wood crusher equipment in the market to choose the right model,

Only in this way can the follow-up production be carried out smoothly.