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How To Deal With Small Wood Chipper

The reuse of waste wood is very valuable.

And the amount of waste wood in the world is very much, which leads to a large number of wood crushers.

Because some friends of the wood mill are not very understanding, the wood mill in the problem sometimes at a loss.

Farming equipment small assistant listed some common problems and solutions for you, I hope to help you are reading.

Decline in productivity

Reason: If the moisture content of wood is too high, the production efficiency of the equipment will be significantly reduced when the wood grinder is used to process it.

Solution: dry the raw materials, if the water is too large, you can use tools, such as a dryer to reduce its moisture.

Cause: Some parts inside the wood crusher are damaged due to falling off or being used for too long.

Solution: Stop the machine for inspection and reinforce the parts that fall off. Replace damaged parts.

Reason: Because of the long use time, the hammer inside the wood crusher is seriously worn, affecting its use.

Solution: Angle adjustment, or directly replace the new hammer.

Reason: In order to increase the output, accelerate the feeding, so that the feeding is not uniform. The voltage is unstable. Output has fallen rather than risen.

Solution: Feed at uniform speed, not fast or slow, and strive to make the wood crusher work at full load, avoid idling, or overload.

Cause: The motor speed is too low, and the belt slips.

Solution: Check the motor, find and solve the problem. Replace the belt, or adjust the belt to a tight fit.

There is material spraying at the feed port of the wood crusher

Cause: fan or conveyor pipeline is not smooth, blocked;

Solution: Check whether the fan is excessively worn. If so, replace the fan. If the pipe is blocked, unblock it.

Reason: the material moisture content is large, the screen hole is blocked, not smooth.

Solution: Through air drying or drying, the material moisture control to the specified standard. If the screen is blocked, replace the screen or dredge the screen.

Cause: The collecting bag is too full.

Solution: reduce the feeding speed appropriately and clean up the powder bag in time.

Cause: collection bag cloth grain is too dense, too fine, bag hard, or too small.

Solution: Replace the appropriate powder collection bag.

The finished product has a coarse particle size. Beyond the screen size used

Reason: screen wear is serious, or there are holes.

Solution: timely repair or replace the new screen.

Reason: screen piece and screen tray appear shift, and the joint is not tight.

Solution: stop the machine for inspection, and adjust the screen pieces that are not tightly engaged.