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Factors Affecting The Output Of Sawdust Pellet Machine

1. Raw material factors of sawdust pellet machine

Raw material factors directly affect the effect of sawdust pellet machine.Materials with high starch content are easily gelatinized by steam. After conditioning, these raw materials have a certain viscosity, which is conducive to the formation of granules. For raw materials with high crude fiber content, adding a certain amount of grease can reduce the friction between the material and the ring die during granulation, which is beneficial for the material to pass through the ring die, and the pellets have a smoother appearance after forming.

2. Feed flow control

In order to make the sawdust pellet machine work at full load in a balanced and balanced manner, the material flow into the pellet machine must meet the requirements of pelletizing, and the feeding structure must effectively eliminate the intermittent phenomenon of feeding caused by caking.

3. Production operation of sawdust pellet machine

Correctly control the gap between the roller and the die. The gap between the rollers and the die of the sawdust pellet machine is too small, the die and the roller are easy to wear, and the noise is too large; if the gap is too large, the extrusion of the material will be affected. Generally controlled at 0.05 ~ 0.30mm. When adjusting, it can be measured with a feeler gauge, or visually inspected without a feeler gauge.