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Things To Check Before Installation Of Sawdust Pellet Machine

Before the installation of the sawdust pellet machine, the relevant installation and construction personnel should check the equipment. There are three main purposes of inspection: whether the equipment is damaged; whether there is a shortage of parts, components and accessories; and handling the handover procedures.

1. For parts, components, accessories, auxiliary materials, tools and technical documents that do not need to be installed or are not used during installation. After inspection, it should be handed over to the user for safekeeping.

2. Check the appearance and protective packaging of the sawdust pellet machine. If it is defective, damaged or rusted, it should be recorded.

3. The type, model and specification of the sawdust pellet machine should meet the needs.

4. The rotating and sliding parts of the sawdust pellet machine shall not rotate and slide until the anti-rust oil is removed. Anti-rust oil removed due to inspection should be reapplied after inspection.

5. Check whether the parts, components, tools, accessories, spare parts, auxiliary materials, factory certificate and other technical documents are complete according to the packing list and make records.