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Scientific Selection Of Feed Pellet Raw Materials

Animal feed pellet raw materials are various, feed raw materials from different sources.  Different kinds of feed have different nutritional values.
Prices vary during the period. According to experience, the price of some feed raw materials is often qualitative and difficult to quantify.  
According to the price of nutrients, you can choose the low price and good quality feed raw materials.  
Digestible energy and crude protein in the feed are the two most important nutritional indexes, and most raw materials also contain these two nutrients.  
It is a simple and effective method to select raw materials according to the price of feed nutrients.

Feed pellet raw materials to master the following

1. When choosing raw materials, you can’t just look at the price.
Want to see raw material stand or fall, including water content, whether full and neat, have mildew, impurity have exceeded the standard. 
When purchasing bulk raw materials, it is best to take samples for composition analysis and nutritional evaluation.

2. Don’t use or replace raw materials “absolutely” or “one size fits all.”
Use less expensive raw materials. Any kind of feed material has its advantages and disadvantages. 
Some feed materials have unique effects, and some feed materials contain toxic substances. 
For example, if corn is high in energy but low in crude protein, it must be used with protein-feed ingredients. 
Soybean meal has high crude protein content and not low energy content. Overuse will result in the waste of protein resources. 
The bran is loose, although not very high in energy or crude protein.

3, the selection of some raw materials should be based on the characteristics of their nutritional composition and the requirements of feeding standards. 
Certain nutrients should be replenished in a targeted way to balance each other and make full use of them. 
For example, the crude protein content of peanut cake is relatively high, the crude protein content of cottonseed cake is not low, 
but the lysine content of the two raw materials is relatively low, and soybean meal, soybean cake or add appropriate lysine. 
Can achieve a balance between essential amino acids.

4. After selecting alternative raw materials, the formula should be recalculated according to the nutritional needs of the breeding animals. 
 When necessary, the feeding amount should be adjusted according to different nutrient requirements to ensure adequate nutrient supply in different production stages. 

Choose the right feed pellet machine

Selecting the right feed pellet machine and using it correctly will significantly improve the quality of animal feed pellets. 
It will soon show up in the production process. If we can further master the technology of making feed pellets, we can greatly reduce the cost of materials and thus increase profits.