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Pig Feed Pellet Processing Benefits

Guangzhou Xinde machinery is a professional feed pellet production line supplier,  
this article will introduce the benefits of pig feed pellet processing in detail.

Preparation method of porcine feed granules 

1. Pig feed granules are generally composed of energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, and vitamin feed.   When using the feed, use as many kinds as possible to improve feed utilization efficiency.  
2, the amount of feed energy concentration per kilogram should be appropriate, too high, pigs eating will cause waste, or even not full.   
If it is too low, the amount of feed will be too large for the pig to eat, and the energy and nutrients will not be satisfied.  
3. Control the content of crude fiber, and the palatability of feed must be good.   
Digestible crude fiber is an important factor affecting palatability,  
digestion, absorption, and feed conversion rate. Generally,  the content of crude fiber is less than 6%-8%.  
4, try to use local pig feed, reduce costs.   
If conditions permit, you can use the feed pellet machine to make your own pig feed pellets.  
5, appropriate addition of trace elements, vitamins, antibacterial growth agents.  

Pig feed pellet processing benefits

Pigs like sweets, and many animals like sweets in general.  
Therefore, the ratio of corn to soybean meal can be increased in the formulation of feed.  
Feed formula customization needs a good processing method to support because a set of feed pellet production line units directly affect the quality of feed.