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Garden Branch Shredder Function

Garden branch shredder is mainly the municipal garden greening operation,

The residual branches and withered leaves and dry branches under pruning are crushed and processed.

So you know these go through the branch shredder

What are the uses for pulverized branches?

One, after smashing the branch sawdust can be mixed with soil to grow flowers

In fact, these crushed wood chips can be mixed with soil to grow flowers,

These wood chips, after being properly treated, become the material for growing flowers,

Use them as a good mulch, or compost them directly.

Some crushed pieces of wood are thought not to be used as mulch because they can be problematic,

Such as spreading disease or insects to healthy plants.

Walnut trees, for example, contain a chemical that affects the growth of other plants nearby,

So you don’t want a walnut tree for your mulch.

Similarly, building materials or fences with toxic site treatment cannot be used as mulch.

However, once we cut the wood into mulch,

Can be used after treatment with insecticide.

Treated wood chips are safe mulch,

It doesn’t affect the plants. Most of the time, trunk chips are just trees,

There is no problem, can rest assured use!

Two, how do use these wood chips to grow flowers and plants?

1. Do not mix sawdust directly into the soil.

This can affect the nutrient content of the soil, so it must be covered,

This will improve the water retention of the soil, and also have a certain insulation effect,

This is also the point of using wood chips to cover the soil.

2. Increase soil carbon

In soil, carbon is one of the key elements that promote plant growth,

Many people grow plants that are lacking in the soil and can be replenished with wood chips,

Just cover the soil with a layer of wood chips and after a few months,

The carbon in the wood chips can get into the soil.

3. How does fresh wood decay?

If you are maintaining potted flowers, you must not put wood chips directly on the ground,

And you can’t mix fresh wood chips directly into the soil,

The decomposition of wood chips can give off heat and easily burn the roots of plants.

Fresh wood chips need to be decomposed before being used in potted flowers,

Wrap it in a durable plastic bag, add moisture to the wood chips,

Keep it in a warm place, gently moisten it with a little water periodically for 2-3 months,

The wood chips can be decomposed and used.

4, wood chip water retention ability

Sawdust is a very cheap material, even if you just ask the mill for some,

Using wood chips can greatly improve the fertility of your yard soil,

Basically do not need to fertilize, and also does not need to water often, its water retention ability is very good.

5, avoid weed growth

Wood shavings also have a lot of advantages in preventing weeds from growing around plants,

Reducing the hassle of weeding also allows plants to grow with more nutrients.

6. Attract earthworms

As an added benefit, it attracts more earthworms, and the sawdust creates a cool and moist underground environment,

There are earthworms in the soil of the yard, which can also improve the structure of the soil and make it lose and fertile.

Three, garden pruning branch crusher

Xd-6130 branch mill has a wide application range.

Can be used for municipal sanitation, nursery, orchard, park, school, unit, property, factory,

Wood or branch crushing in scenic spots, farmers, afforestation, and other application scenarios.

Up to now, THERE have been several application cases of XD branch grinder in China.

For municipal gardens, orchards, forest farms, and other users to provide solutions.

The advent of the branch shredder has put these humble garden pruning branches to good use,

The branch crusher has made a positive contribution to resource recycling,

In the future, branch crushing opportunities will continue to update and iterate towards more advanced and convenient fields,

Continue to improve resource utilization.