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wood comprehensive crusher to crush waste formwork

In construction sites and junkyards you can see a lot of old templates, Windows,

And all kinds of miscellaneous wood and other waste wood, these piles of waste after reprocessing,

Can become sawdust, and sawdust can be made into biomass particles, as a fuel service society!

Here’s the problem, many people might want to do this but have some trouble choosing a device!

Above all, see yourself in a specific circumstance, investment has a risk, and must be cautious so!

A small wood crusher is cheap, but the feed will have certain restrictions, large templates can not be directly crushed,

Can only crush some scraps, small pieces of wood, small branches, and so on, of course, there will be a certain disadvantage in output!

There is no need to think about the old template with nails!

We share a comprehensive wood crusher with you. Why is it feasible to break the template with nails?

It all started with his knife, a horseshoe knife fitted to a wood crusher,

Since the middle seam can resist the power of nails, it is no longer necessary to break the nail template!

However, the comprehensive crusher also has disadvantages, for example, the finished products broken are flaky.

It’s bigger. If you want a few millimeters of sawdust at this point,

Need to match a wood crusher in the back, the combination of the two, that is beautiful!

Hit the sawdust you want to be finished, is completely possible!

If you want to crush the old template with nails into sawdust, you can first use a comprehensive crusher to break it,

And then into the wood mill for crushing! Looking at trouble, actually for the future things saves a lot of strength!