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Garden Wood Chipper Uses Debugging First

Many users do not know there is a debugging link after receiving garden crusher equipment,

Going straight into production can lead to a whole host of problems and failures,

And there are serious safety concerns,

So to avoid these problems,

It is recommended that users do not directly carry out production operations after receiving garden grinder equipment,

Instead, it should go through a series of checks to make sure there are no problems and then debug accordingly.

So how to do the debugging of the wood mill?

First of all, when we check, mainly to see whether the installation of garden crusher equipment is in place,

Whether the steering of each component is correct and flexible enough without stalling,

The second is to see whether there is a garden crusher bump in the transportation process,

After everything is confirmed, we can start debugging.

If the motor is used as the driving force, it is necessary to connect the line to the power supply first.

If it is a diesel engine, it needs to be injected with diesel. After it is done, you can start the garden grinder equipment.

But do not directly after the start of production, you can first keep the garden mill idling for 3-5 minutes or so,

In the process of the idling the garden mill, we need to observe carefully to see if there is any abnormal situation,

Such as vibration, abnormal sounds, and so on,

Find the problem to timely stop the whole garden mill for the corresponding detection,

If there is no problem, the production can be carried out normally.