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Effect Of Drum Chipper Crushing Waste Wood

A drum chipper is composed of a body, knife roller, upper and lower feeding roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system, and other parts.

This is the main part of the drum chipper!

Although people understand the components of a drum chipper.

But the concept and use of drum chippers are still a little confusing,

Today I would like to share with you the different characteristics of drum chippers for different raw materials.

A drum chipper is used to deal with the characteristics of waste wood.

You’ve probably heard of old wood like old twigs, old branches, small diameter logs, slats,

Rotary cut skin and other crushing can be used for waste resources recycling projects!

Using a drum chipper to cut through the waste wood,

What comes out is mostly in small flakes, which are good for fiberboard and pulp,

Or it can be supplied to power plants as energy fuel.

So a lot of people ask, why don’t we use wood shredders,

First of all, a wood crusher belongs to fine crushing equipment, the main role is to crush into about 4-12 mm,

And its production is low, so if you need to produce it in large quantities,

We can first consider the integrated wood crusher or drum chipper for the first crushing.

And drum chipper is a lower price in the two.

So if you are a small investment, it can consider drum chipper, high output, and low price.

Drum chipper crushing bamboo, reed rod and so on is actually the practical meaning of slicer!

Bamboo is long, straight, and mostly hollow,

So after the slicing machine can be directly sent to the paper mill!