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Garden Wood Chipper

The aquaculture industry or wood industry friends may often come into contact with a type of equipment – a branch shredder.

If the purchase of a cost-effective branch grinder often makes many people headaches.

Today we will take a look at the xD-6130 chipper and small grinder what is the difference, and how to choose when buying!

Both the XD-6130 chipper and the small crusher have the same function,

But there is a big difference in price and output. Although a few thousand yuan can be bought as a small grinder,

But it is not suitable for buyers with high sawdust production requirements. When buying a crusher, you can’t just focus on the price.

And lose sight of what really matters to you.

Crushing diameter 0 1

Xd-6130 type chipper: it can crush wood raw materials with a maximum diameter of 15 cm.

Small pulverizer: pulverize wood raw materials less than 10 cm.

0 2 Application scope

Xd-6130 mill: wide application range, can be used in industrial production, power plant, paper mill, and other large factories.

Small mill: generally used for small gardens, property greening branches crushing, or individual farmers, forest owners to buy and use.

0 3 sawdust output

Xd-6130 chipper: efficient crushing, stable performance, 20 cubic meters per hour output.

Small mill: feed capacity is small, low output, output per hour is generally about 3-10 cubic meters.

Mode of transport

Xd-6130 type chipper: mobile shredder, with two walking wheels and drag device, can be directly dragged equipment by vehicles, out of work, convenient and fast.

Small mill: generally belongs to the fixed or hand pull mill, directly placed on the ground for crushing operation. When going out to work, the need to move on the vehicle away, manual loading and unloading. Hand-pulled shredders have wheels and are pulled by human hands.

Xd-6130 chipper features

6130 crushing equipment can pulverize and process a variety of biomass raw materials,

Such as branches, trunks, straws, weeds, discarded wood scraps,

The raw materials are pulverized and sliced with powerful high-speed rotating blades to turn them into wood chips that can be reused.

The maximum crushing diameter of the equipment can be up to 15 cm, which can meet most wood processing requirements.

Because of its high yield characteristics, in power plants, paper mills, wood mills,

Industrial sites of sawdust raw material manufacturing links play an important role!

1, 4-14mm cutting size, chip size using the feed speed for hydraulic adjustment.

2, height-adjustable injector nozzle can be rotated 270°.

3, green environmental protection, low emissions, and low fuel consumption (4L/h).