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Commercial Wood Chipper Turns Tree Branches Into Organic Fertilizer

Growers should know that the trees in their orchards need to be pruned every year, 
And after pruning the trees, 

It will naturally lead to a large number of branches, branches, trunks, and other garbage, 

Although this is necessary to ensure that the branches of the tree are reasonably nutritious, so as to achieve the effect of high and stable production, 

But these pruned branches, branches, trunks, and so on, garbage is very troublesome in terms of disposal. 

And if it is not handled in time, the accumulation for a long time will occupy a large amount of land area. 

Because if you want to burn in the orchard, it will pollute the surrounding environment, 

and now the orchard is often dozens of acres or even hundreds of acres of land, the number of branches, branches, 

trunks, and other garbage is also very much, directly piled up for incineration, there will be some safety risks.

And that’s why for these fruit tree branches,

How to deal with it has become the number one problem for fruit farmers,

But now a lot of people have come up with new ways of dealing with it,

The fruit tree branches are crushed through wood shredders,

The crushed material is then mixed with livestock waste and fermented with other things to form organic fertilizer,

Fully achieve the effect of waste utilization and return to the field.

Many of you may be curious to hear this,

It’s so simple we just go through the wood shredder,

To crush these branches, branches, trunks and other garbage processing can be,

And when the crushed material is collected,

And then you mix it with organic manure and bio-organic bacteria and you can ferment it into organic manure.

The fermentation process is actually very simple,

All we have to do is take these pruned branches,

It can be processed into materials about 2-5 cm by wood crusher.

Then mix the crushed materials, organic bacteria, bio-fertilizer, etc.,

When the humidity reaches 60%, it’s ready to ferment, and the thickness of the pile is usually about a meter high,

And then you cover it with plastic, and in the winter most of it needs to ferment for about six months,

But in the summer it can cut the fermentation time in half,

If you don’t need to ferment it, you can use it as an organic mulch directly around the tree.