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Good Maintenance Improves Efficiency Of Wood Chipper

Crushing mechanical chipper,

Pulverized wood is very powerful,

Parts also wear out easily,

If you want the equipment to have a long life,

Pay attention to maintenance and maintenance.

This work is not to be trifled with,

Maintenance in place effect is obvious,

Productivity will increase,

Maintenance costs save a lot.

How to maintain the secrets,

Read this article.

300 hours need to fill oil,

Bearing internal do not forget.

Well, there’s a trick to filling,

Bearing cleaning is necessary.

To prevent contamination of the new oil,

The effect is not as good as before.

If bearing lubrication is improved,

Wear and tear on equipment is reduced.

The tightness of the belt should be checked regularly.

It will break down over time.

Too tight a belt has an effect,

Bearing deformation motor destroyed,

All because the belt is so tight.

Too loose a belt is not good either.

The equipment will have less power,

Machine jam production decline,

Impact benefits when evasive.

Clean up after work,

Avoid blockage problems.

Don’t forget to check the parts,

If there is wear and tear, replace it in time.

Avoid trouble next time.

If you want the equipment to work well,

Peacetime maintenance is indispensable,

As long as the details are noticed,

Natural benefits are necessary.