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Wood Chipper Series Of Products Too Many Is Really Difficult To Choose!

Different users need different crushing equipment,

This is because the type of wood pulverized, as well as the specifications of the material, including the yield, are different,

So today I’m going to tell you a little bit about equipment,

Very important, that is to choose the wrong crusher equipment or model, no doubt in the money wasted.

Therefore, here I teach you how to choose the corresponding crushing equipment according to their own materials,

Let you use the right price to buy suitable for their own use of the crusher products.

With the passage of time, there are many series of products, models are more varied,

So it’s not easy for us to choose equipment in this environment,

Here I choose a few common crushed kinds of wood, roughly divided into three categories to explain to you in turn.

See what category you fit into.

Wood mill

1. The suitable crushing equipment for building boards and nail templates is a template crusher and chipper.

Because the template specification is relatively large, some sites have several meters of template,

So it’s difficult to feed with a crusher,

But the template crusher is different. It is crushed by the drum. The materials coming out are small wooden blocks.

And like wood with nails, there’s nothing to worry about,

Because it contains rollers instead of blades, and the rotational speed of such products is not high,

So the big nails don’t do it any harm.

So if you have a lot of stencils and nail wood to deal with,

Then you choose a template crusher and the chipper is really right, suitable for you to use.

Wood chipper

2. Basically, wood mills can handle branches, wood, and crops.

Nothing more than different output and specifications, the corresponding crusher model is not the same.

Therefore, if you have the need to crush these three materials, you can consider buying wood crusher equipment,

And this product is a relatively mainstream product in the current mill market.

There are a lot of users that are using, and manufacturers of production technology are more mature.

In addition, the supporting effect of the wood mills is also relatively strong, if the assembly line supports production, there is no problem at all.

Therefore, if you simply crush branches, scrap wood, corn cobs, and so on, wood shredder equipment is sufficient.

Formwork crusher

3. If you want to pulverize wood into wood flour, consider using a wood flour machine.

Some perfumery industries use a lot of wood flour, which is a fine material,

They’re usually about 80 mesh, like flour at home,

Therefore, if you want this kind of finished product, any grinder or chipper will not work.

Only if you use a wood flour machine, because if you need wood flour,

Don’t look at any other equipment, just run to the wood flour machine,

This must be no problem, and the wood flour machine can only crush sawdust,

Therefore, this requires wood crusher equipment to do the supporting, this should be paid attention to.

So when we’re shopping for equipment,

Make sure you know what kind of equipment will crush what I’m looking for, and then figure out the size and output of that stuff.

In addition, you can go to our new machinery to buy wood crusher series products,

We have professional people, who can be free according to your user needs, and give you tailored for your use of crusher products.