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How Does A Template Grinder Pulverize Discarded Templates

Template crusher is special for the construction site of abandoned templates, wood rubber board, shelves,

Support frame, wooden pallet, and other developed new, large and medium-sized wood plate crushing equipment.

The raw materials for production and processing are some waste building wood templates,

Wooden pallets, packaging wooden cases, and other discarded wood.

In this wood, inevitably, there are steel nails,

Production and processing with a general sawdust mill will destroy the tool head of the equipment.

So how does a template grinder pulverize discarded templates?

1. Put the wood raw material into the conveyor belt and transfer it to the feeding port;

2. Four rollers push and press the pulverized wood board, and the template is pulverized for the first time;

3. Enter the crushing chamber of the main grinder and pulverize the raw materials twice;

4, the raw material is sent to the iron removal equipment room, the inclusion of metal material is removed, and the final raw material is obtained.

Our xinde machine factory manufacturing template grinder front conveyor belt into the material,

There is a feeding machine at the feeding port, and there is a first powder system inside.

Nail removal system, again powder system, exhaust dust removal equipment, etc.

Belongs to the automatic template crusher with a nail removal system.