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Working Principle Of Wood Chip Machine

A wood chip machine is required equipment in the wood processing plant,

Some of the wood can be processed to produce chips that meet our needs,

And the wood chip machine is mostly composed of the cutter head, housing, blade, feed port, frame, and electronic control of these parts,

The wood chip machine can adjust the blades according to the requirements of different factories,

And then produce different specifications of different thicknesses of wood chips.

Then Xinde Machinery through this article,

To introduce in detail some basic common sense about wood chip machines,

To help you understand it better.

In the wood chip manufacturing process, the operator will feed the wood into the feed port of the wood chip machine,

And when the wood comes into contact with the blade,

Will be processed in the process of high-speed rotation of the cutter head,

The cut wood will be transported in a certain space by the air generated by the blades above the cutter head.

A wood chip machine is professional equipment specially used to produce wood chips.

The wood chips produced by it are now widely used in plate manufacturing and papermaking and other industries.

As long as the raw material logs,

In order to adapt to the current needs of various chemical wood pulp cooking and chemical wood pulp,

They can even meet the needs of wood chip pulp production, so people tend to add veneer logs,

Its length and thickness should be uniform by slicing and requiring the wood to be cut.

Generally speaking, the specifications of wood chips manufactured are generally between 15 and 20 mm in length,

And the thickness is between 3 and 5 millimeters, although there’s no limit to the width,

But often the wood chips produced by the wood chip machine are not more than 20 mm,

The pass rate of wood chips made with wood chip mechanism is greater than 85 percent.

The qualified rate of the board is only 75 percent.

The production factory can adjust the gap size at the bottom of the wood chip machine to adjust the length of the wood chip.

To get the size we want.

Nowadays, the output of new wood chip machines on the market is very high,

But the energy consumption is not much, at the same time the production of wood chips is also excellent quality, high sex ratio.

The wood chip machine produced by Xinde has a relatively compact structure and does not occupy much space.

Although the long-term operation is not prone to failure, operation and maintenance are very convenient,

So it is very popular with customers.