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How Much Do You Know About Wood Shredder

Wood Shredder is a very grounded wood processing equipment, why so say?
Global forestry is already large, and the use of wood products is also large.
As a result, there is a lot of waste wood, branches, and leaves around the world every year.
The reason why abandoned wood is called abandoned wood is not really useless, but it is old.
Branches and leaves, which most people think are useless, are not, and after being processed by wood shredders, they actually work.

As a result, wood shredders have become one of the most popular products.
So how much do you know about wood shredders? Today, I will introduce some knowledge about Wood Shredder.

Wood Shredder is through the blade of raw materials repeatedly cut, and finally, achieves the purpose of crushing raw materials.
Over time, the blade will wear out in the constant friction with raw materials. This can lead to blade damage.
Therefore, we should often check the grinding machine blade wear. If it is found that the blade is badly worn, we should replace it in time.

Warm tip: we can add lubricating oil to the surface of the blade to delay the wear speed of the blade, so as to prolong the service life of the blade.
Cutter head speed and output
The higher the blade speed of the wood mill, the higher the output of equipment, many people have such a misunderstanding.
In order to improve the output, change the speed of the cutter head, who knows if the output is not improved, the crushing effect of the finished product is also greatly reduced.
In fact, the blade speed of the wood mill is different because of its different models, its adjustment range is also different,
Once it’s out of bounds, it can cause side effects.