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Sawdust Crusher

Sawdust mill is also called hammer mill, is currently used a very wide range of mill,

The structure is composed of a feeding mouth, crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, screen, tooth plate),

The discharging part (fan, aggregate barrel, dust collection bag) consists of three parts,

When working, the material enters the crushing chamber and flies to the tooth plate under the blow of the hammer of high-speed rotation.

After bouncing back from the impact with the tooth plate, it is hit by the hammer again.

The material is also subjected to strong friction. Under the repeated impact, collision, and friction, the material is gradually crushed.

The pulverized material is sent out from the screen hole by the fan for centralized treatment.

Sawdust grinder can be a variety of wood, wood scraps, branches and forks, wood chips, board edge materials, bark, bamboo, bamboo skin, and other raw materials into sawdust,

wood filamentary products, with less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, convenient maintenance, and other advantages.

Working principle: Sawdust crusher adopts impact crushing method,

The material is crushed by the impact and friction of the hammer teeth through the relative movement of the six movable hammers running at high speed and the fixed ring around.

Crushed materials through rotating centrifugal force, under the action of the fan, after screening through the screen are sent to the outlet, centralized processing loading transportation.

After crushing the sawdust particle size is small, wood fiber is obvious, uniform discharge and other advantages.

The whole equipment is driven by only one motor, with a simple structure, compact layout, cheap price, and stable operation.

Low energy consumption, high output, good quality sawdust products, and low processing cost.

It can also be used for crushing fibrous straw materials such as bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, and so on.