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How To Use Branch Chipper In Forest Orchard

This used to be done by gardeners who snipped the branches off,

Due to the dense planting of trees, it is difficult for vehicles to pass, and abandoned branches have to be pulled out of the park by hand.

Nonartificial not to say, the later processing of branches is also a problem, burning, burying this method is not desirable,

It takes up too much space and wastes resources.

Branch mill

How can we save labor and avoid wasting resources?

Actually, a small twig shredder could easily do it.

The miniature branch shredder is tiny and can navigate narrow forest paths.

The non-slip tire design allows it to move quickly and smoothly;

Equipped with fuel power, do not worry about the power source of field operations;

A double-edged blade has a good crushing effect and long service life.

It can easily crush branches within 15 cm.

Wood mill

The discharge port of the small branch mill can be adjusted in three directions.

Spray the crushed branches directly into the truck’s bucket or storage container,

The pulverized wood can be made into edible mushroom culture media, synthetic boards,

Reprocessing for paper making, artificial fertilizer, and so on.

The emergence of small branch shredder not only saves manpower to reduce labor intensity,

Also realized the reuse of resources, kill two birds with one stone, easy to play forest orchard!