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How To Use The Waste? Biomass Pellet Machine To Help You To Fix!

China’s rapid urban development, infrastructure projects, real estate, home decoration, and other wood everywhere figure,

Some old waste furniture, renovation of old houses, construction waste wood, and other waste wood waste are serious,

Because of the great demand, the wood had to be imported every year,

If we can recycle the waste wood, we will save a lot of resources.

Those of you who may not know how this works may ask, what is the use of recycling waste wood? I’m going to tell you about it.

The profit of recycling and reselling waste wood is definitely low. You generally need to reprocess waste wood into

Powder of different sizes is sold to the manufacturer or business in need.

What are the uses of waste wood

We start with waste wood treatment equipment, currently on the market:

Wood mill, branch mill, sawdust mill, sawdust mill, etc.

Planting edible fungi, paper making, power generation, cushion materials, feed, fertilizer,

Organic mulch etc need to be treated with a sawdust mill.

Planting edible fungus, flower cultivation, and wood chip board needs to use a wood chip mill.

We know what kinds of materials recycling plants need,

You can start to recycle waste wood, buy equipment and start production.

The recycled sawdust can be processed into biomass wood pellet fuel

1, sawdust particles

Sawdust can also be reprocessed into biomass, or wood pellets for fuel, there are many kinds of sawdust,

Mainly divided into hardwood or cork, high-quality wood pellet machines no matter what material is used,

Can be processed into high-quality particles.

2. Can’t sawdust be burned directly? Why is it processed into sawdust particles?

Thermal energy recovery has good environmental benefits and high return.

The sawdust particles are used with a high compression ratio and a combustion value of about 4000 kcal.

Can burn clean, and will not pollute the air like charcoal, more environmental protection.

Sawdust particles can also transfer energy from the fuel to the combustible gas produced by incomplete combustion.

Can be used for heating, boiler fuel, gas turbine, etc.

Sawdust particles have a wide range of uses, and there is no shortage of raw materials,

As long as social production advances, there is a supply of waste wood, and the use of sawdust particles will become more and more extensive.

In social news earlier, the black fungus industry uses sawdust,

However, due to the shortage of raw materials in China, we need to import sawdust from Russia.

Visible sawdust recycling supply and demand!